2,500 doses of the Pfizer’s Coronavirus vaccine have already been given to workers at Essentia Health

Duluth, MN – According to the press release, just 2 of the health workers had mild allergic reactions to the vaccine. They’ve also reported that the allergic reactions were not severe and that each worker was treated and evaluated. Essentia Health officials also reported that the allergic reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine might be linked to a person already having a history of allergies to food or medications.

Dr. Richard Vetter, the chief medical officer for Essentia Health West, said:

“We would ask that they chat with their healthcare provider to check if the benefit outweighs the risk. Also to make sure we have the appropriate treatment available in the event they had an allergic reaction.”

Some of the symptoms that brought concern for health experts included hives, swelling of the lips or mouth, and shortness of breath.

The two employees have recovered from the allergic reactions.

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