A Wisconsin Woman’s Invention Helps Kids Stay Warm And Dry In The Winter

DULUTH, Minn. – We all know as kids we loved to dig around in the snow. Whether kids are building a snowman, snow fort or sledding it is inevitable that snow will get into their gloves or mittens making fun outside a cold miserable experience. Amy Trimbo of Washburn Wisconsin knows all about it dealing with this with her own kids, so she got to work inventing snow sleeves .

The snow sleeves are a stretchy wrist gaiter that pulls over your gloves and cuffs to trap in the heat and keep out the snow. This invention has been in the works for years which she recently trademarked through her company AdventureUs.

Trimbo said she started out her first design by using one of her husbands old shirts and cutting out a hole for the thumb. After lots of trial and error with different types of materials and designs she finally figured out the best way to make them. She told the Duluth News Tribune:They need to avoid retaining too much water, but they need to be stretchy and flexible enough that they’re comfortable and not restrictive. Figuring out the size of the thumb hole was a feat in itself.

In 2019 Trimbo got the break she needed to launch her company when she won the Chequamegon Bay Spark competition for entrepreneurs and won $5,000 to start up her business. She and her family opened up a brick and mortar store in Bayfield.  See how they work below:

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