Demand for free food in Duluth continues to be stronger during this pandemic and holiday season

Duluth, Minn. –  But, don’t worry, because  the CHUM Food Shelf is working hard to make sure people don’t go hungry. According to the statement, CHUM has been delivering pre-packaged boxes of food to people in need at Our Saviors Lutheran Church every Monday from 10 a.m. until noon.

And every Monday, people have been lining up to get one of the 40 free food boxes.

You should also know that CHUM also hands out free food boxes every Wednesday and Friday outside the Food Shelf on 1stAvenue West across from the CHUM Drop-In Center.

CHUM director of distributive services, Scott Van Daele, said:

“And it’s always hard to say we’re out or come downtown on Wednesday. It’s just sort of the new reality of you know you have to be here a little earlier to get food. Somebody showed up today a little after nine to start waiting in line for food.”

The remote distribution location in West Duluth will continue as long as it is needed, according to Van Daele.

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