Drive-By Shooting in Central Hillside Has Neighbors On Edge; It’s Duluth’s 37th Shooting This Year

Neighbors are speaking out after and early morning drive-by shooting Wednesday in Duluth’s Central Hillside neighborhood.  This is the city’s record-breaking 37th shooting so far this year compared to 23 last year, according to Duluth Police Department data.  And the neighbors, who are parents, say they can’t believe it’s happening in their own backyard and they hope other residents of Duluth will speak up before somebody gets killed.

“We’re like was that gunshots or fireworks, and I was like, those were gunshots,” said Bre Legutko, 38, a lifelong resident of Duluth who lives just doors from where the shots rang out.

The shooting happened around 3:15 a.m. Wednesday.  A vehicle is seen on surveillance video driving up 4th Avenue East before slowing down at the intersection of 9th street and firing at least six shots.

Legutko is a mother of two who says the rounds of bullets going off in these shootings in Duluth is out of control.

“This was the first time that a shooting so close and it was scary … the gunshots,” Legutko said. “One of the neighbors said, ‘what do you expect, this is Duluth.’ Well, I don’t expect that at all, that’s not my standards of Duluth at all — is to be a shooting anywhere – here, there.”

Nobody was injured or arrested in this latest shooting and police didn’t find any homes hit by gunfire.

But Legutko’s brother, Laury, 41, a father of three who also lives on the same block, believes that doesn’t make this type of gun violence OK.

“Might want to move my kid’s bed closer to the chimney maybe, I don’t know,” Laury said. “It’s scary that this is happening so close. It gets your heart pumping … like, wow, I was sleeping through that.”

The Legutkos both have surveillance video cameras outside their homes that captured the shooting.

They also say their neighborhood is pretty well connected with sharing information with each other when things are out of the ordinary — something Duluth police want every neighborhood to focus on.

“Just getting stuff out that you might not know means anything could mean something to somebody,” Laury said.

“This just can’t be going on and people do need to speak up about it because they can’t be doing that — not in our neighborhood or no neighborhood,” Bre said. “And if you just look away, it most likely will continue to happen.”

As of Dec. 2, there have been nine gunshot victims and no deaths.

Eleven suspects have been arrested and are connected to 10 out of the 37 shootings, according to data provided by the Duluth Police Department.

Chief Mike Tusken has said mostly all of these shootings involve people who know each other in some way who are connected through circles of drugs, money and relationships.

And to clarify, these shootings include all criminal incidents of gunfire, like the Wednesday morning’s “shots fired” report in the Central Hillside. Nobody was hit, but the act was clearly criminal. Bullets were flying through the air, and shell casings were collected on scene for evidence.

Other “shots fired” calls this year have included shootouts between vehicles or between groups of people in alleys with suspects and victims taking off, uninjured or refusing to talk to police. This is also a shooting in our community — a non-fatal shooting of targeted gunfire — but a shooting that is recorded as such by the Duluth Police Department.

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