ER Visits For Heart Attack, Stroke, And Diabetic Issues Drop During Pandemic

Hospitals around the nation are experiencing declines in emergency room visits that are not Covid-19 related, but is a direct impact of the pandemic.

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is showing a noticeable drop in emergency room visits for people suffering from heart attacks, strokes, and those living with uncontrolled diabetes.

The national study found that visits for heart attack or stroke were down by at least 20% between March and May.

People visiting for diabetic or high blood sugar- related issues dropped by 10%.

Health officials believe these types of visits are declining because of the growing concerns people have about going to the hospital during the pandemic.

But many doctors say the lack of medical attention could lead to harmful consequences.

“I think people are afraid of coming in, but when they come in they are sicker. They have waited longer and more damage has been done especially from heart attack, stroke, and diabetic crises.”

Some ailments are more dangerous than others, but avoiding immediate treatment for life-threatening situations such as a heart attack could leave patients with life long health issues like heart rhythm and breathing problems.

St. Luke’s Hospital is partnering with the american heart association to bring more awareness about these declines in hospital visits.

More importantly it is to express that hospitals can be the safest place to be when a medical emergency occurs, even during the pandemic.

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