My UWS Rapid COVID-19 Test Experience

I already had a positive test a couple of months back for COVID-19, and according to the experts I should still have the antibodies.  Still, we have a small family event coming up this weekend.  Even though health officials say that testing is not a method to use to hang out with people, it was requested by the family we are visiting.  Previously I opted for the saliva test at The DECC in Duluth, however I wanted my results faster than their approximately 48 hours.

The girlfriend and her daughter took the rapid test at UWS on Tuesday, and I went on Wednesday.  Results from the test are emailed to you in about half an hour and it doesn’t matter what state you live in.  Also, there is no cost for this service and no need to give insurance information.

You need to register first, and you can get information on doing that HERE.  Registration is simple, though you will be adding to your list once again, another password to remember.  You will need that to login for your results once they are available.  Sign-up was quick enough, just make sure you hang on to your registration number, as they will request that upon arrival.  I forgot mine, and they were able to look me up in the system though.

 FreyAsk For Help
Good for you – you’re hosting the holiday dinner! Often, when you invite someone to join you – they’ll ask “what can I bring?” Instead of saying “nothing” – ask for help. Ask if they’ll bring a dish to share (it’s one less you need to make). It’s also okay to ask for help in the kitchen or around the table. Guests make excellent sous chefs and they often want to help out. Let them set the table or bring items out to the table. And – if they volunteer to wash dishes – don’t think twice about saying “yes”!
Order Out – Or Source Menu Items From Restaurants
So you’re in charge of the holiday meal. No one says you have to cook every single item yourself. Give yourself a break by sourcing some of the items from restaurants or deli’s. It’s okay. And – if cooking isn’t your think (or you don’t have enough time) – don’t feel bad about ordering the entire meal from a commercial kitchen.


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